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So– I do magic tricks for a living.

Weird, I know! But it takes me around the world. Let me show you…

You can’t deny it’s a bit weird because that means people pay me to do this. That’s weird too ūüôā And so much fun. As daunting as travel is nowadays, I know at the end of every 4-hour line-up there will be a coffee (and more waiting.) ¬†

Alas, there’s magic to conjure and people to entertain! ¬†

That’s what Touring Tricks is all about. ¬†I fly around the globe sharing little tiny artistic lies (or “deceptions” the magic handbook would call it) ¬†and this is my outlet to tell those stories. ¬†I’ve spent¬†my entire life on the road living this modern day conjurer lifestyle. ¬†Ta Da! ¬†lol. ¬†

Right now I’m inching very close to 3000 shows. ¬†Not to toot my own horn but that’s¬†a lot of street cred.

Thanks for being here and letting me share a little part of what I do and hopefully you’ll get a little something from it too– that’s my job as the modern-day conjurer. ¬†Nice to meet you ūüôā

Let’s go wonder…

-Ryan D Joyce
Magician, Hypnotist, Visual Storyteller & Speaker.

YouTube is fun, but this:

…is my office.

Touring Tricks started as a weekly web series about the unusual things that happen on the road– as a full-time professional magician, illusionist and hypnotist. ¬†In the first,¬†year the web series achieved 2.5 million views on Facebook and 840,000 on YouTube. ¬†Along the way, Ryan discovered ‘podcasts.’ ¬†The Touring Tricks Podcast was born. ¬†There are some fascinating people in the industry of entertainment. ¬†Magicians, comedians, producers, hypnotists– all of them have interesting stories. ¬†

Ryan’s voice has landed him a few remarkable¬†opportunities¬†including being chosen to introduce the 42nd president of the United States of America Bill Clinton during a summit in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. ¬†He was also chosen to voice introductions for actress,¬†Rachel McAdams and singers¬†Tegan and Sarah.

“I’ve got an unusual job. ¬†

It takes me to interesting places, and I like it when people stare at my tricks

…you¬†want me to whip ’em out?”

-Ryan Joyce

Here’s something TOTALLY different:

I have zero musical talent. ¬†I quit the violin as a child because clearly music and me don’t mix. ¬†Recently, I ended up on stage singing in front of a 1300 people. ¬†How did all this come about? ¬†Watch and see!

And the podcast…

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