Ryan, where have you been?

Ryan Joyce backstage

 “In nine months I’ve slept 12 nights in my own bed.”

This has been an incredibly tense year.  Crazy busy.  I got home in September, after being on the road and at sea for over 9 months.  In those nine months, I slept 12 evenings in my bed.  

Starting in South America to Australia, New Zealand through the French Polynesian Islands and Hawaii.  Oh– and they asked me to extend a 12-day cruise, so I got a taste of Alaska.  I’ve spent 4 summers in Alaska.  You really should see it.

Have you been to any of these places?  Many of this year was spent exploring all kinds of new!  Including new friends, new adventures and new material (read: tricks)

The podcast and web series have been difficult to maintain in my travels.  I’ve recorded 4 podcasts during my journey and I have lots of incredible videos to share.  

It’s to come.

Thanks for staying with me!  Hope you enjoy some of these photos, I had to choose– here are a few of my favorites.

Stay magical,


PS:  My friends from Fergus, Elora, and surrounding, this is really very important…

A few random photos from the past 9 months–

from backstage to on the beach. 

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Saturday, Oct 14th

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