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An uncensored behind the scenes discussion for magicians

Penn & Teller’s Fool Us is now on Season 3!! It is the best showcase for magicians on television.  I appeared on Season 3 episode 2  (watch here) but this podcast is all about the behind the scenes insight information– good, bad and ugly.Penn and Teller Fool Us waiting room

I’m joined with Peter Mennie who flew down to Las Vegas to be part of the taping– with a degree in Television Production, Peter gives a unique perspective of magic and television.

  • Why we had to tape our segment three times?
  • If that wasn’t my illusion, whose was it?
  • What Penn said about my Tshirt that didn’t make it to air
  • Why I threw out Teller’s signature
  • Why a hamster shocked the control room

Plus three things I learned from the entire Las Vegas experience

  1. What I learned from Teller’s handshake
  2. What to swipe across your eyes if you wear stage makeup
  3. What detail came from magic legend Johnny Thompson

Listen to the podcast (click here)

You can also watch the Behind the Scenes Vlog (muggle friendly) here:



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Ryan Joyce is a magician, hypnotist and voice behind Touring Tricks Podcast and weekly web series. He's appeared on worldwide tours and shows including Penn & Teller's Fool Us. Tune in weekly-- that's the recommended dosage. or iTunes

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