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The closest possible representation of a modern-day gypsy.

That’s me.

I’ve got an unuasual job. It takes me to interesting places, and I like it when people stare at my tricks.

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PRESTO! Canada wins 2021 bid for Olympics of Magic!!!

PRESTO! Canada wins 2021 bid for Olympics of Magic For the first time in history, the World Championships of Magic is coming to North America-- and the winning city is QUEBEC, CANADA! On July 8, 2018 in Busan, South Korea at largest magicians conference in the world, it was announced by [...]

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A week of surprises

How much did we raise? An update on last months Groves Memorial Hospital fundraising magic show PLUS a surprise! This week has been filled with surprises* I'm bouncing back and forth from sea to home, spending more time in airports than usual. This week I'm home and [...]

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The place I call home.

A small break, home. This is the pretty little community I call home . Excuse me while I brag about Fergus and Elora.   This is home. Centre Wellington, Ontario Canada Fergus Grand Theatre [...]

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VIDEO: Sydney, Australia cityscape from the Navigational Bridge of a billion dollar cruise ship!

Sydney, Australia cityscape from the Navigational Bridge of a billion dollar cruise ship! With Celebrity Cruises Master of the Vessel, Captain Tasos at the helm I got a chance to see the most breathtaking view of Sydney, Australia cityscape sunrise from the best view point in the world-- the navigational [...]

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VIDEO: They pay you to travel?

They pay me to travel. Getting to the gig-- entertaining in the cruise vacation industry. New Touring Tricks Webisode.  Watch the video here: Landing in Santiago, Chile 2017 is going to be very busy... New Years Day and the two days that proceed it [...]

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