Ryan Joyce Touring Tricks PodcastRyan Joyce Touring Tricks Podcast

One guy who does magic tricks for a living talks with people who do other weird things. It’s Touring Tricks Podcast!
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PODCAST: Matt Disero Comedy Magician

Matt Disero and a Gender Neutral Potato Head This was a blast-- a discussion with two magicians talking about being full-time magicians and the career oddities mixed along with the 'magician lifestyle' Here's some of what we talk about: Matt talks about his experiences on Penn and Teller: Fool Us and why he [...]

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PODCAST: Comedian Brad Upton

Comedian Brad Upton A magician and a comedian do a podcast-- on a cruise ship.  I don't have a punchline but we're probably both bloated.  Enjoy. Being an entertainer who works cruise shops a lot you meet interesting people.  Or at least your chances are higher.  Working on ships is very competitive right [...]

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