About Ryan Joyce

Ryan Joyce is a magician, hypnotist and voice behind Touring Tricks Podcast and weekly web series. He's appeared on worldwide tours and shows including Penn & Teller's Fool Us. Tune in weekly-- that's the recommended dosage. http://www.youtube.com/ryanjoycemagic or iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/touring-tricks-podcast-ryan

Newcastle, NSW Australia

Newcastle, NSW Australia As far as I can remember, magic was my first love.  I have a few passions but the best of my knowledge something about this magician life has always intrigued me.  I tried violin, swimming, tennis.  Failed bigly. Photography has always been a passion too.  [...]

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VIDEO: Sydney, Australia cityscape from the Navigational Bridge of a billion dollar cruise ship!

Sydney, Australia cityscape from the Navigational Bridge of a billion dollar cruise ship! With Celebrity Cruises Master of the Vessel, Captain Tasos at the helm I got a chance to see the most breathtaking view of Sydney, Australia cityscape sunrise from the best view point in the world-- the navigational [...]

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VIDEO: They pay you to travel?

They pay me to travel. Getting to the gig-- entertaining in the cruise vacation industry. New Touring Tricks Webisode.  Watch the video here: Landing in Santiago, Chile 2017 is going to be very busy... New Years Day and the two days that proceed it [...]

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Photos: Australia & New Zealand Thru My Porthole

Through My Porthole: Australia & New Zealand As someone who travels for a living, there are many places I have never been.  I desperately want to see Greece, Israel, Russia, Thailand, Brasil, Spain, really the list is too vast.  And since I'm cursed with a short attention span and the inability to tan I [...]

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