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Magician, Hypnotist and Speaker Ryan Joyce

Host of Touring Tricks Podcast & Webseries


Watch Ryan Joyce on Penn and Teller Fool Us:

Ryan combines magic and a weird unique personality together with filmmaking.  Ryan’s unique character and powerful voice crosses the footlights and engages audiences like few other entertainers.  He presents many never-before-seen illusions and takes a very unique twist on performing magic.  Recently he featured one of his illusions on Penn and Teller’s Fool Us.  Click above to watch!

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“Wonderfully done, man!”
Penn Jillette

“Damn Impressive!”
Martin Short

Derren Brown

“Holy Moses! You’re a star!!!
Jann Arden




“The Most Spectacular Illusion Show in Canada”

“A World Class Entertainer”
Canadian Association of Magicians

Touring Tricks is my webseries.

All kindsa magical.

A weekly look at things that happen on the road– as a full time professional magician, illusionist and hypnotist.  Also my more artful pieces are showcased in the series.  In the first year we achieved 2.5 million views on Facebook and 840,000 on YouTube.  Along the way I discovered ‘podcasts’  and the Touring Tricks Podcast was also recently introduced to my followers.

There are some very interesting people in the industry of entertainment.  Magicians, comedians, producers, hypnotists– all of them have interesting stories.  I like to share interesting stories.

The filmmaker side of me.

Popular videos

Surprise!! Magical Wedding Proposal!!!!

Magical proposal in front of 1000 people surprises everyone! Especially unsuspecting bride to be!  Magician Ryan Joyce helps make a proposal extra magical.

Celebrity Impressionist and a Magician

Ryan Joyce teams up with YouTube Sensation Christina Bianco, who is a master at celebrity impersonations!

Adorable puppy meets a magician.

Magician Ryan Joyce has a visitor, introducing Jack! Ryan tries to turn man’s best friend into magic’s most adorable magician.  Watch as I try and teach a new dog some old tricks.

Ryan’s Picks

Walking Thru Steel

This is an original illusion called Rite of Passage it takes a familiar magician trick and goes in a direction that’s never before been seen.

Best of Touring Tricks

A quick intro into what 365 days magic looks like in 2 minutes.  This is Touring Tricks.

Hypnosis fun!

Hilarious things happen in Ryan’s hypnosis show– sometimes the most funny are the simplest of things.  “Deep Asleep.”

Ryan Joyce has toured the globe with his magic, illusions and hypnosis.

His show has won critical acclaim with audiences from all around the world including Hong Kong, Egypt, China, New Zealand, India, and the Middle East.  Since 2000, he has presented his annual illusion show tours in support of a good cause and is responsible forcontributing over 2 million dollars for charities. With over 2500 global performances his show is a smash hit for event planners, corporate clients, promoters, critics and audiences alike

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