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Magician Ryan Joyce Touring Tricks-- Not your typical magicianWelcome! Did you just see me on television? (watch here.)

Magician & Hypnotist Ryan JoyceI’ll ASSUME you’ve come to stare at my tricks?–  let me whip ’em out for you!  If you are here to connect for an event or theatre show contact me here and join me on Facebook 17K (fans and growing!)

However, if you’ve come from YouTube you know that I’m a magician, hypnotist and filmmaker who travels the globe with his tricks and a camera. I have a weekly web series titled Touring Tricks. Watch the video below: it’s one year’s worth of magic in 2 minutes.

Let Mr. Magician entertain you– WATCH THIS

Martin Short Quote to Magician Ryan Joyce

Magician | Hypnotist | Filmmaker
Weekly Webseries TOURING TRICKS ~ New Episodes Every Thursday

I’m Ryan Joyce, a magician, hypnotist and speaker who travels the globe entertaining audiences Magician Ryan Joyce Sawed in Half
from theaters to big fancy corporate events– in my industry you often hear “this year needs to be amazing because last year was a bit of a disaster.

Talk about pressure at work :p

That’s the real world– in the digital world I have a web series about all my performing adventures called Touring Tricks.  It’s my weekly vlog and I post on YouTube and Facebook every week.  (Okay, seriously I spend over 300 days each year travelling! There’s a lot of magic to be performed and some really bizarre things happen.)
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I find unique ways of incorporating my magic and films into live performances.


What kind of entertainer is Ryan Joyce? A Magician or a Hypnotist?

I started my career as a magician.  For 13 years, I toured my illusion show to over 70 cities across the globe- in Canada, New Zealand, the United States, India, and Hong Kong to name a few. Half-way through, I ended up producing three unique shows (music, variety and magic shows) with my company Theatrix International Inc.  I used to spend 5-6 months in hotels every year with a team of 7 hard working people, performing 12-17 shows a week.  That’s a lot of shows over 13 years.  Now I work a lot of corporate events and cruise ships with a wide spectrum of show sizes, from simple walk-on to full production.

Magician Ryan Joyce at a Corporate Event

What about hypnosis?

My discovery of hypnosis was through weight loss.  I was a chubby kid who was curious about the power behind our own thoughts.  In addition to the hypnotic comedy show, I also speak and lecture about mindfulness and hypnosis on the cruise ships where I spend most of my days.  How does someone get into performing stage hypnosis?  Well, the hypnosis show was born out of necessity.  Our truck wasn’t going to make it to the theatre on time so I was actually forced into it.  “Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we are going to do something completely different.” My first hypnosis show was performed in a small prairie town outside of Winnipeg.  I have been influenced and mentored by two acclaimed hypnotists: Paul Royter and Daniel Summers. Paul was the best stage hypnotist I had ever seen and a gentlemen who I toured with for years as a “roadie.” He gave me my start in the industry while Daniel was my second mentor who is a legend in the illusion-show business.


Qyote from Jann Arden

What kinds of films does this magician make?

Sawing a guy in half?  Yup.  Walking through a piece of steel? Yes.  Running face-to-face with a grizzly bear on a bridge in Alaska.  gulp — Yup!  All on YouTube.  Technically, I am a vlogger (storytelling in real time) but what makes things different is how I incorporate these film elements into my live performances.  I’m always adapting the show digitally and magically.

Some famous people have said nice things Martin Short said “Pretty Damn Impressive!” and Darren Brown tweeted “Excellence!”  and north of the border Canadian music star Jann Arden said “Holy moses!! You’re a star!!!”  There’s more… but this is already awkward.

If you are here to see magic, there’s lots to see (don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube)  If you need the services of a modern-day magical gypsy message me! I’d love to hear from  you.



Ryan Joyce
Magician | Hypnotist | Filmmaker

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